Stress-busting Sensory Garden

Stress-busting Sensory Garden

Stress-busting Sensory Garden


Some pets arrive at Oviedo Pet Resort stressed and may not cope well with a new environment. Oviedo Pet Resort has created a Sensory Garden to reduce stress and anxiety.  Our Sensory Garden helps our pets  to become more secure in their surroundings, and provide additional stimulation and enrichment on a daily basis during their stay with us.  Research has shown less anxiety, especially in our elderly pets.

The sensory garden is made up of numerous different smells, textures and sounds to engage all the senses and offer enjoyment for each individual dog.  


Catnip: not just for cats:  relaxation properties and stimulates playfulness in dogs.

Chamomile: relieves anxiety,skin/stomach upset

Sage: relieves high strung and hormone imbalance

Hops: calming effect for hyperactive and stressed dogs

Lavender:  anxiety and nervous conditions

Marigolds:  grief and emotional distress relief.

Mint: cooling properties, skin irritations

Thyme: bacterial infections, skin irritation and diarrhea.

Violets:  nervous dogs or who recently changed home may enjoy sniffing this plant.

Toys, activity tables and games (such as a log with treats hidden in it) provide mental stimulation and enjoyment.  A solar powered fountain and wind chimes provide soothing and relaxing sound.  Non-invasive and natural noises have a calming effect, making your dogs feel at ease.

Go to the link above and build your own.


Stress-busting Sensory Garden

Stress-busting Sensory Garden


  • When it comes to swimming, your baby generally falls into 3 categories. 

  • 1. The Michael Phelps. 
  •  2.  Those that can be taught  
  •  3.  The scared babies that dislike all aqueous    environments.  

  • Water Spaniels,  Golden's,  Labs,  Irish Setters, English Setters are all excellent swimmers.  They have strong limbs and are bred specifically to retrieve waterfowl or for water rescue.  Each of these dogs have a strong tradition of swimming within the breed and generally enjoys being in the water.  It is the highlight of our day to see these guys play in the pool.

  • At the other end of the spectrum are the  lovable breeds like Bulldogs and  Dachshunds.  They have too little trust due to their short legs to keep them afloat.  Short faced canines like Pugs and Boxers have a hard time swimming.  They are easily fatigued.  Small dogs like Maltese and Chihuahua are sometimes good swimmers, but may become easily chilled or frightened in the water.

  • Some canines have a physical capacity to swim, but have a mortal fear of water.  Here at Oviedo Pet Resort your pet  is monitored and is not forced into anything he or she do not want to do.  We love them as if they are our own and will be treated as such.  If they do decide to take a dive into the pool, they will be thoroughly dried and ears checked for excess water.  For the pooch that prefers to remain dry, there is always a ball, a fun toy or a doggie day bed to snooze in.  More info about water loving dogs........

Qualified Staff...

Qualified Staff...

Qualified Staff...


Can't relax on vacation because you are constantly worried about your pooch or kitty? Relax and be assured Oviedo Pet Resort  will take the utmost care of your beloved pet.  We will provide outstanding pet care and customer service.

Our staff is fully trained in Doggy First Aid, CPR and have animal care  qualifications.  We have an ongoing CE program.

Please ask questions about any concerns you may have. We are here for you and our guests.  Your comfort is what makes us happy.  Happy customers, Happy Oviedo Pet Resort. 

 We are here for you. 

Our Facility...

Qualified Staff...

Qualified Staff...


After extensive research,  Oviedo Pet Resort was build on a dream and engineered with a purpose:-

  • The 15 000 sq ft facility consist of over 5000 sq2 indoor climate controlled environment 

  • State of the art air-conditioning system with excellent ventilation designed to prevent spread of odors, airborne pathogens  and contaminants.

  • Two spacious indoor air-conditioned play areas.

  • Eight outdoor play areas  with K9 approved artificial turf.

  • Large  350 sq ft  chemical free,  walk-in,  outdoor pool for our water lovers.  

  • Suites and condos to fit each pet's needs.  Spacious, Safe and Secure with free roaming In-door/Out-door potty access.

  • Uncompromised security for your pets with 24/7 fire alarm monitoring.

  • Webcams access via computer and smartphone

  • 24- hour video and personal surveillance.

  • Convenient location with ample parking.