Dogs are social animals and enjoy being part of the pack. They simply love to play together!  At Oviedo Pet Resort, your dog will have fun with furry friends of the same size and temperament. 

Daycare is a tremendous benefit to dogs and their owners. Many people simply don’t have the time to properly exercise their dogs due to long work hours and increasing commute times. Dogs need a positive channel for their energy and Oviedo Pet Resort's eight indoor and outdoor areas provide the ideal environment for having fun!  Our Webcams allow you to check in on the action anytime. Having played all day, your dog will be ready to relax in its private suite or with you comfortably on the couch at home. 

Why offer a SMARTPLAY*  Daycare option?

It’s hard to believe but dog daycare has been around for a couple of decades now. It has moved from being viewed as a discretionary activity for a pet to a much needed social and physical outlet for a beloved family member. However, we’ve learned over the years that one size does not fit all.  Dogs can get overly tired or stimulated by playing all day without adequate rest. Some dogs can become bored by the same routine, while others don’t do well with larger groups of dogs. That’s why we’re so excited to introduce our  SmartPlay*  daycare program!

What is SmartPlay* Daycare?

SmartPlay* is coordinated and supervised by our in-house certified dog trainer.  This new and innovative program ensures that your dog will get excellent quality of play as well as plenty of rest. Your pet will get playtime with other dogs, special small group activities, one-on-one activities and increased interaction and attention from our staff. Every day will be an active and fun day specifically designed for what your dog likes to do!

Add-On Resort Activities:

  • Smartplay* Daycare:    Smartplay* involve personalized small group and/or one on one  playtime.  A game of fetch with a ball or frisbee, chasing bubbles or other fun games.  Every day will be an active and fun day specifically designed for what your dog likes to do!
  • Extra Workout time:  A running session or a brisk walk for high energy dogs
  • Gentle walk: A casual stroll around the neighborhood, lots of time for sniffing
  • Special Treat: Your choice of Ice Cream break, Frozen Kong or Bizzy Bonz toy with treat
  • Refresher Obedience Training: 15-20 minute basic obedience or tricks with positive reinforcement

Vaccinations must be submitted and approved at least 24 hours prior to dog's stay.

Please complete and return our Service Contract and Guest Profile prior to your dog’s first daycare visit. Thank you!

Looking for the Daycare Webcam?      Coming soon.