Q & A


Dog Boarding Checklist. What should I bring?

  • Completed Boarding Service Contract.
  • Completed Guest Profile.
  • Current vaccination record must be received and verified 24 hours before scheduled arrival.
  • Food – each meal in a zip lock bag (preferred), pack a little extra if you’re not sure about your pickup date*
  • Treats in a separate zip lock bag or small container
  • Any medication(s) needed during stay
  • Any special care instructions
  • Optional: bedding and/or blanket
  • Optional: a toy or two*
  • Optional: crate for potty training or special sleeping requirements
  • Not Needed: bowls – we will provide stainless steel bowls
  • Not Needed: to worry – we will take great care of your pet!

*Please do not bring large bags of food, over-sized containers or several toys.

What is our cancellation policy?

Customer’s credit card must be on file to setup/hold a reservation.   Oviedo Pet Resort dog boarding cancellation policy will be activated during peak times such as holidays, spring break and the summer.

  • To cancel without penalty, a 5-day advance notice is required prior to check-in date/time.
  • If no time is specified, noon will be used as the default.
  • Cancellations will be charged for two nights.
  • Fee may be waived at the discretion of Oviedo Pet Resort if cancellation is due to a local weather warning and/or emergency.

Do I need to make a reservation?

It is a good idea to make a reservation as soon as you know you are traveling.  We advice at least 2 weeks in advance.  Holidays and local school vacations are very busy times for us, so it is best to make a reservation in advance to ensure a spot for your pet. 

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What if my pup has never been with other dogs before?

It’s very possible that your dog will be timid or shy at first. However, using natural canine body language to communicate, he’ll learn valuable social skills such as being polite, not playing too rough and respecting his elders. It takes most dogs a while to fully develop their social skills. Most dogs love the activity and the interaction with their new friends. If for any reason he really thinks he is not a dog, we have special individual play areas for them.  We cater to all our furry friends personalities.

My dog is not neutered or spayed. Can he/she stay or play?

Dogs 7-months and older must be spayed or neutered. Limited exceptions will be made and determined on a case-by-case basis; these must be pre-approved before boarding or attending daycare. Exceptions are made based on many factors including how many dogs are currently staying with us and the temperament of your dog in a pack/play group. 

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Have you ever heard of "Kennel Cough"

If you are a seasoned boarding client these words are all too familiar. You may also recognize the more formal name as well,Bordetella.

Unless your dog NEVER leaves the house and is NEVER exposed to any other dogs, they can contract bordetella, aka “kennel cough” at ANYTIME. It is a respiratory infectious bronchitis primarily caused by the canine Para influenza virus and a bacterium called Bordetella Bronchiseptica. You can find “kennel cough” anywhere dogs gather, at the groomers, dog parks, obedience classes, kennels, and yes, just walking down the street. The dogs can contract this cough just like we humans can, by being in contact with an infected dog. It is an airborne disease.

The good news is that it it TREATABLE (whew!). There is a vaccine for it called, Bordetella or if your dog already contracted it,  you can treat it with antibiotics (unlike a cold in humans). Treatment is usually a simple dose of antibiotics taken over several days. Your dog may be a little bit more tired and have a sad look on its face. Just give lots of TLC along with the medicine and your dog will be romping around in no time.

Wondering if your dog has “kennel cough?” The SYMPTOMS are very common: congestion, cough, gagging, and oh yeah that lovely nasal discharge.. ahhcooo (tissue please!). We here at the Oviedo Pet Resort LLC are doing all we can to prevent “kennel cough.” We require the Bordetella vaccine on every dog that comes in and work hard to keep the airflow moving and being constantly replaced with outside air. Although the vaccine is effective, it is not a guarantee that your dog will never get “kennel cough.” We recommend that the vaccine be given twice a year if you board regularly. Please contact us or call your vet if you have any further questions.

Luckily, Bordetella does not happen on a regular basis; so don’t worry, your dog will be happy and healthy during their stay here..

Will my dog get extra attention during Daycare and /or Boarding?

Of course! The staff at the Oviedo Pet Resort LLC loves working with animals, and is sure to pet and talk to your dog when they feed and give them water, or whenever they get the chance! Although, if you’d like him or her to receive a little more TLC, we offer Individual Playtime and Cuddle & Brush sessions every day.

Does my dog get to go outside?

Yes. All potty breaks and two play sessions are included in all boarding packages.

What time can I pick up/drop off my dog? How will I be charged?

You may drop off your pet anytime we are open. You will be charged for a full day of boarding the day you drop off your pet, regardless of drop off time. If you pick up before noon, you will not be charged for that day of boarding.  Sunday pick-up by appointment.  Extra fees may apply.

Why do I need to leave an emergency number/what if there is an emergency?

Animals are unpredictable creatures, and your pet is no exception! An emergency number is necessary just in case a situation arises with your dog or cat where we need to speak with you directly, or with someone who knows your dog well enough to speak for you. Our staff is trained and certified in Red Cross canine First Aid and CPR. Several are also trained Veterinarian Technicians. We have the experience to deal effectively with the majority of common issues. If necessary we will take your dog to your Vet Clinic, if it is open. However, if needed for more serious issues or emergencies, we are less than 5 minutes from an excellent Vet Clinic that offers extended hours and urgent care. We will take care of all transportation.

Do you offer tours of your facility?

Absolutely! One of our staff members would love to show you around our facility, and the space where your pet will be boarding or enjoying Doggy Daycare..

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Do you offer multiple discounts?

Yes, if your pets are boarded together in the same kennel. You will be charged the standard cost for the first dog or cat, and each additional pet will receive a discount off that base price.

Is there a discount if my pet boards for extended period?

Yes. If your pet boards with us for 14 days or more, you will receive a 10% discount off your entire bill. If he/she stays for 30 days or more, you will receive a 15% discount.

What if my dog is on medication?

All medication  will be  administered by the Facility Management for a minimal fee.  We require all medication to be in the original medication container.